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Jan 12

Forget curry powder

[Translate]  That jar of curry powder on my spice rack is not going to get replaced when it’s done.  As a holiday present, my kids gave me a class in Indian cooking with Chef Vinita Jacinto, a professionally trained chef with decades of experience teaching Indian and similar cuisine.  In a three-hour session at a …

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Dec 23

Religion: Walking Away

[Translate] The number of Americans who do not identify with any religion continues to grow at a rapid pace.  So says a Pew Research poll done in late 2012.  It finds that one out of five Americans of all ages today is religiously unaffiliated, up five per cent over the previous five years.  In the …

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Jun 20

Great turnout for XL Pipeline Protest

[Translate] The S.F. cops blocked the driveway to the parking lot where the rally started, claiming it was full, when it clearly wasn’t.  I and many others had to park half a mile away or more and hike up the side of a cliff to get to the assembly point, and at first it seemed …

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Jun 19

Disaster Preparedness: No Lunch

[Translate] The Alameda County Department of Public Health staged its third annual Emergency Preparedness Fair in the concourse of the Oakland Coliseum this morning.  Many dozens of concerned folks from various parts of the county gathered to take workshops, check out the vendors, and network. I got the most out of a workshop on the …

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Jun 23

Putting it Together

[Translate] For years I worked to keep the different pieces of my life separate and compartmentalized.  It felt safer that way.  But it was hard work, and it often kept me from experiencing myself as a whole and integrated person.  Now that I’m approaching 70, it’s high time for me to put it all together …

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