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Feb 15

An important local election

[Translate] With the election of a progressive slate to Berkeley’s city council last November, former District 4 city council member Jesse Arreguin became mayor and vacated his council seat.  A special election to fill that seat is taking place via mail balloting only.  Mail ballots have been sent out to District 4 voters and are due …

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Nov 09

Bernie Blessing Beats Developer Dollars

[Translate] Tens of thousands of developer dollars didn’t outweigh Bernie Sanders’ endorsement in Berkeley’s mayoral race. Bernie-blessed progressive Jesse Arreguin pulled the surprise upset of the century by beating the developers’ darling Laurie Capitelli convincingly in an instant-voting runoff.  The National Association of Realtors in Chicago had spent more than $60,000 on behalf of Capitelli. …

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Oct 23

Berkeley Candidates Paid For By Chicago Money

[Translate] Follow the money!  That’s the basic rule for understanding what’s what and who’s who in the election business.  It’s as true in a little town like Berkeley (my home town) as on the national stage.  Here, four of the candidates on our City Council ballot are beneficiaries of so-called Independent Expenditures by the National …

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Oct 01

A Trump of Our Own

[Translate] Given the monstrous possibility of a Trump victory nationally, it may seem petty to worry about the decline of public ethics in this little town of Berkeley. But the local air has carried the stink of corruption for a while now. The city council majority has rubberstamped a string of high rise luxury housing projects, about the …

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Aug 29

My park photo book now available on Kindle

[Translate] From Trash to Treasure, my photo book celebrating the beauties of Cesar Chavez Park, is now available as an e-book for Kindle. Hats off to customer support, who walked me through the process of getting this photo book into the proper format.  You can feed Kindle a PDF file for a book that …

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Apr 16

Berkeley Post Office Saved

[Translate] By David Welsh ( via email: Victory for Berkeley Court deals another setback to USPS scheme to sell off Berkeley’s Post Office Here is a summary of the effect of the April 15th court decision, by the City of Berkeley’s attorney Antonio Rossmann: 1. “In a nutshell, Judge Alsup has effectively granted the City …

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Mar 20

The Water-Wise Home

[Translate] The Water-Wise Home:  How to Conserve, Capture, and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape, by Laura Allen, ISBN 9781612121697 Laura Allen was one of three women who founded the Greywater Guerrillas more than ten years ago, long before the current drought.  They went to plumbing classes, devoured everything written on the subject, boned …

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