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Dec 09

Ghost Ship Fire: Victims of the Free Market

[Translate] When I got the news of the Ghost Ship fire, I sent a panic text to my son who lives in Berkeley.  He’s the same age as most of the victims.  He’s in the arts scene.  He might have been there.  It was the same trembly, sinking feeling I had on 9/11, when my …

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Nov 27

R.I.P. Fidel

[Translate] He was a modern-day David who slew Goliath.  Leader of a ragged band of mountain guerrillas who drove a bloodthirsty monster into exile and seized state power just ninety miles from the sulfur-breathing behemoth that ruled the continent, he not only prevailed, he endured. Where a young Lumumba was hunted down and murdered, King …

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Mar 30

Cuba travel: It took long enough

[Translate] Watching the President of the United States stroll through Old Havana almost like a regular tourist with his family the other day brought back vivid memories of my well-spent youth.  I was in college when the word went out from the US State Department that United States citizens were verboten to travel to Cuba. …

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Jan 29

Retiring from Law Practice

[Translate] After 28 years, I am retiring from the practice of law and closing my law office effective February 2, 2015.  It’s been a great learning experience, and it’s been a privilege to make the acquaintance of so many excellent clients as well as adverse parties and attorneys. This is not necessarily a final decision. …

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Jan 30

Giselle and the Cad

[Translate] OK, so I’m an old softie.  I cried during the first act of Giselle last night.  Thanks to a donation to KQED, we had tickets to the San Francisco Ballet’s performance of this venerable classic.  They weren’t great tickets — next-to-last row in the Orchestra section — but even from there, the show had …

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Jan 12

Ex-tended Family Tree Inheritance

[Translate]   Like many people these days, mine is an ex-tended family, with the hyphen, meaning that it includes exes.  I know ex-tended families where the exes get along so well that at reunions there’s several sets of exes with their new spouses plus their exes, and all their kids, etc. all making up a …

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Nov 27

Kindle Edition of my Empowering Book Back Up

[Translate] The Kindle e-book edition of my Empowering Your Sober Self book was off market for a few days last week.  It is back up now, actually a little better than before: the Table of Contents is more detailed, and an embarrassing typo (misspelling the name of Jean Kirkpatrick, founder of Women for Sobriety) has …

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