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Jan 10

Imagine: A Different Tax Idea

[Translate] IMAGINE:  The Elephant Party and the Donkey Party have split and broken up.  The new Goat Party has won a landslide victory and I, its standard bearer, am installed in the White House.  Following my speeches on Korea, and the Mideast, I have turned to domestic policy issues. After announcing a New American Spring, …

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Dec 20

He Had Gays Torn to Pieces by Dogs and We Name Schools After Him

[Translate] Is Vasco Núñez de Balboa a role model for our children? An SF school and street are named after a slave-trading conquistador who helped wipe out a native population BY   TOM GALLAGHER  – December 15, 2017 The movement to remove the names of slave owners from positions of honor has taken down individuals both …

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Dec 19

The Sexism Spectrum

[Translate] The Sexism Spectrum By Toni Mester Why do women have to be groped or raped before male dominance is recognized as systematic oppression? Because sexism spans a wide spectrum of behaviors, many of which are commonly tolerated as human nature or accepted cultural norms. As a result, many men don’t recognize or understand their …

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Dec 07

A Poem From Within

[Translate] This Is a Poem About What Causes Poems Like This to Be Written By Jesse J. Before I begin this poem … I’d like to ask you to join me in a moment of silence … In honor of those who died in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon On September 11th 2001 … …

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Nov 18

Trump Tweetstorm: Build Wall Around Puerto Rico

[Translate] Puerto Ricans worse than Mexicans!!  Mexicans are rapists, murderers, thieves.  Puerto Ricans are Democrats!  Disgusting!  Invading Florida scheming to turn the state blue!  Hundreds of thousands of them.  In a state where just a couple of thousand votes decide national elections. Do they think I’m an idiot?  I’m much smarter than them!  Most smart …

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Nov 14

Big Fish, Little Fish

[Translate] This engraving done in the Netherlands in 1557 could have been etched as an editorial cartoon about the current Republican tax proposals in Congress. Look, says the man in the rowboat in the foreground to his young child, a few big fish make meat of the other fish. Above the drawing, in Latin, French, …

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Nov 07

Paradise Papers and Hell on Earth

[Translate] Some electronic Robin Hood has hacked 13.4 million files from the Appleby law firm, which specializes in providing “offshore services” to the very crème de la crème of corporations and individuals.  Those services, the firm insists, are not tax evasion.  They are tax avoidance.  Evasion is illegal. Avoidance is, as Donald Trump remarked, smart …

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