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Nov 18

Trump Tweetstorm: Build Wall Around Puerto Rico

[Translate] Puerto Ricans worse than Mexicans!!  Mexicans are rapists, murderers, thieves.  Puerto Ricans are Democrats!  Disgusting!  Invading Florida scheming to turn the state blue!  Hundreds of thousands of them.  In a state where just a couple of thousand votes decide national elections. Do they think I’m an idiot?  I’m much smarter than them!  Most smart …

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Nov 15

If I Were President: How to Handle Korea

[Translate] There’s no danger of my becoming president of the United States, ever, if for no other reason than my birth in Germany.  But as John Lennon urged us:  Imagine.  So, if I were president, here is how I would handle Korea. Immediately bring home the three aircraft carriers that Trump has stationed off the …

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Nov 14

Big Fish, Little Fish

[Translate] This engraving done in the Netherlands in 1557 could have been etched as an editorial cartoon about the current Republican tax proposals in Congress. Look, says the man in the rowboat in the foreground to his young child, a few big fish make meat of the other fish. Above the drawing, in Latin, French, …

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Nov 07

Paradise Papers and Hell on Earth

[Translate] Some electronic Robin Hood has hacked 13.4 million files from the Appleby law firm, which specializes in providing “offshore services” to the very crème de la crème of corporations and individuals.  Those services, the firm insists, are not tax evasion.  They are tax avoidance.  Evasion is illegal. Avoidance is, as Donald Trump remarked, smart …

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Oct 03

Vietnam Not Remembered

[Translate] Ken Burns’ Vietnam War: An Object Lesson in the Failures of the Objective Lens  REED RICHARDSON Reposted by permission from  In Ken Burns’ introduction to The Vietnam War, bombs fly back into airplanes and flames leap off of houses into flamethrowers. If journalism resigns itself to being a “first draft of history,” Ken Burns’ …

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Sep 27

A Necessary Step for Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico: Cancel the Debt

[Translate] Text reposted from the National Lawyer’s Guild International Committee: Following years of colonialism and the intensified assault of austerity in the past several years, Puerto Rico is suffering from the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria and the massive impact of climate change. As the National Lawyers Guild International Committee, we demand the immediate cancellation of …

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Aug 07

Diesels and Honorable Men

[Translate]   By Victor Grossman Reposted by permission Berlin Bulletin No. 131, August 4 2017   Imagine finding, at one table, the worst killer crooks you ever heard of: Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, the Serial Killer, maybe the pirate Blackbeard, surely a cold-blooded terrorist or two. The very worst! No matter …

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