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May 21

Howard Zinn: Against Discouragement

[Translate] By Howard Zinn At Spelman College, May 15, 2005 I am deeply honored to be invited back to Spelman after forty-two years. I would like to thank the faculty and trustees who voted to invite me, and especially your president, Dr. Beverly Tatum. And it is a special privilege to be here with Diahann …

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Mar 11

Take Back Red

[Translate] Berkeley’s local election continues to provide fuel for celebration as Kate Harrison won her race for the District 4 seat vacated by Jesse Arreguin when he became mayor.  The city council now has a 6-3 progressive majority. No doubt it’ll be a challenge to keep that bloc from splintering, but that’s another story. Meanwhile …

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Feb 15

An important local election

[Translate] With the election of a progressive slate to Berkeley’s city council last November, former District 4 city council member Jesse Arreguin became mayor and vacated his council seat.  A special election to fill that seat is taking place via mail balloting only.  Mail ballots have been sent out to District 4 voters and are due …

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Feb 07

Trump Looking for Violent Incident as Pretext

[Translate]   by William E. Connolly Donald Trump is sounding very dangerous these days. He attacks the very legitimacy of the courts, for instance, when he tweets that a “so-called judge” will be responsible if there is a terrorist act during the stay he has imposed on the ban against Muslim entry to the U.S. from …

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Jan 21

Talking Carnage

[Translate] Pat Brown, the current California governor’s father, observed somewhere that in politics, the language always rides off in the opposite direction from the policy. So, if the policy promotes war, its advocates profess nothing but peaceful intentions, and if the policy gouges the poor, the language that wraps the package sparkles with phrases of …

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Jan 18

Berlin Bulletin

[Translate] By Victor Grossman Berlin Bulletin No. 125, January 17, 2017 Rosa and Karl: Like every mid-January Sunday in Berlin, their names are recalled by those with a social conscience. Once again thousands laid red carnations, brightening the snowy surroundings, at the monument honoring them and those named nearby who lived and died for a …

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Jan 14

Open Letter from Vets About Haiti

[Translate] Open Letter from Military Veterans about the 2016 Stolen Elections in Haiti January 9, 2017 President of the United States Barack Obama       Secretary-General Antonio Guterres The White House                                                    United Nations Secretariat 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                             405 East 42nd Street Washington, DC 20500                                           New York, NY 10017 Your Excellency, President of the United States Barack …

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