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Apr 11

To Yosemite and Back in Chevy’s Bolt EV

[Translate] “Let’s go to Yosemite!” said Sheila, my wife, pointing to a San Francisco Chronicle photo of raging waterfalls in the fabled valley.  We checked our calendars. We had the time for a quick visit, two nights, allowing one full day of hiking. There was only one problem. We had just become a one-car family, …

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Sep 16

Hike to Tomales Point (Pt. Reyes)

[Translate] I took a break yesterday and hiked from Pierce Point Ranch to Tomales Point, the northernmost extremity of the Point Reyes National Seashore.  The area is noted as habitat of the tule elk, and did not disappoint.  I encountered a small group of does on the path early on, then another small group of …

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Jun 01

First week with an EV: Charging into the future

[Translate] When the time came to sell my gas-guzzling Prius and switch to an EV, my main question was, can it get me to Limantour Beach and back?  Limantour Beach, one of the jewels of the Point Reyes National Seashore, is exactly 50 miles from my home in Berkeley.  The advertised range of all of …

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May 01

Pinnacles: Hidden Gem

[Translate] Driving to L.A. used to be a half day chore — five boring hours on Highway 5 and done.  Lately we’re on a more relaxed time table, and decided to go south via 101 and stop about halfway at the Pinnacles National Park, about two and a half hours south of Berkeley.  Pinnacles is in …

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Jan 30

Koi Motion

[Translate] Recently I had the opportunity to see a well-kept pool with an exceptionally good selection of colorful koi (Japanese for carp) and took this video.  Koi is also the Japanese word for love or affection, and so the fish are prized not only for their beauty but for their evocation of friendship or courtship.

Jan 13

Leaf Art

[Translate] Almost a year ago I blogged from a vacation trip to Ecuador.  One of the highlights was a visit to the Festival of Fruits and Flowers in the city of Ambato.  In the art museum there, a series of pictures executed on plant leaves caught my eye, and I sneaked a photo of one …

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Dec 26

Persimmon tree

[Translate] Persimmons like these near St. Helena have the lovely habit of ripening in winter after the leaves fall off the tree. They’re good as ornaments, but they’re even better to eat.  In our local market they go for 49 cents apiece.