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Oct 25

Alcohol in the Body

[Translate] The other day I saw (in a movie) a waiter set fire to a dessert pan doused in cognac.  It flared dramatically, as if it were gasoline or lighter fluid.  Hm, I thought, why would anyone put that kind of chemical into their body? Now here’s Healthline.com with a new interactive graphic detailing 23 …

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Mar 18

Lethal but Legal – Book Review

[Translate] Lethal but Legal by Nicholas Freudenberg (Oxford U. Press 2014) takes on one of the great paradoxes of our time: we have the scientific capacity to support healthier, longer life spans for the earth’s population, but in fact we see the spread of novel plagues more devastating than the medieval Black Death. In place …

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Jan 25

Begging for a BUI

[Translate] Bicycling Under the Influence (BUI) is not one of the brightest behaviors.  On two wheels, we need all of our reflexes, our balance, and our judgment as sharp as possible, maybe even more so than on four.  You’d think, then, that an organization dedicated to promoting safe bicycling would steer clear of promoting tippling …

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Jan 13

Toward the ATOD Market

[Translate] This utopian idea has been gestating in my head for some time.  Now it looks like the Zeitgeist is opening up for it to emerge. Item:  an Oregon state legislator, Mitch Greenlick, has introduced a bill to make tobacco a prescription drug, and to criminalize off-prescription use.  Greenlick is chair of the Oregon House Committee …

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