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Aug 29

My park photo book now available on Kindle

[Translate] From Trash to Treasure, my photo book celebrating the beauties of Cesar Chavez Park, is now available as an e-book for Kindle. Hats off to amazon.com customer support, who walked me through the process of getting this photo book into the proper format.  You can feed Kindle a PDF file for a book that …

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Apr 16

Berkeley Post Office Saved

[Translate] By David Welsh (sub@sonic.net) via email: Victory for Berkeley Court deals another setback to USPS scheme to sell off Berkeley’s Post Office Here is a summary of the effect of the April 15th court decision, by the City of Berkeley’s attorney Antonio Rossmann: 1. “In a nutshell, Judge Alsup has effectively granted the City …

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Dec 26

My new book: From Trash to Treasure

[Translate] My new book, From Trash to Treasure: The Splendors of Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park, is now off the press and available for sale on amazon.com. I really owe this book to a dog named Mosey.  Sheila Jordan, my wife, rescued Mosey from the pound about 15 years ago.  He lived for the chase of tennis balls.  Our …

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Dec 08

Our Post Office: It Shall Not Be Moved

[Translate] On Saturday Dec. 6, I was part of an impromptu group that got together on the steps of the endangered Berkeley Main Post Office and sang a version of “We Shall Not Be Moved.” Hali Hammer, with the guitar, center, was the sparkplug for the event. I’m a row behind her, three people to …

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Oct 22

My Votes Nov. 4

[Translate] I read recently that the average American spends more time evaluating the purchase of a vacuum cleaner than in casting their ballot.  That struck home.  By way of amends, I sat down and read the sample ballot pamphlet, reviewed the League of Women Voters website, and looked at websites on both sides of most of …

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Mar 31

Lightning Bolt Shatters Redwood Tree

[Translate]     A Big Bang shook the neighborhood this afternoon during a thunderstorm, knocking a picture frame off the wall of my office.  The lightning bolt struck a sixty-foot redwood tree two blocks away and blew it up.  All that was left of the giant was a jagged, shattered stump. Twisted, stripped fragments rested …

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Mar 28

Invasion of the Job Snatchers

[Translate] On the theme of the invasion of the body snatchers, artist Sandy Sanders of the Berkeley Post Office Defenders has created this postcard (below) showing corporate invaders snatching the Post Office and the jobs that go with it. The downtown Staples store, along with dozens of other Staples elsewhere, now hosts an ersatz Post …

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