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Jan 12

Bernie’s New Book

[Translate] Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In by Bernie Sanders Published 11.15.2016,Thomas Dunne Books, 464 Pages Review by Tom Gallagher Reposted by permission A SWISS JOURNALIST working in the United States tells a story of people from her home country asking about the Bernie Sanders phenomenon and wondering if he is some kind of dangerous radical. She …

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Aug 12

Which way for “Our Revolution”?

[Translate] in a couple of weeks, Bernie Sanders will lay out specifics of his vision for “Our Revolution.”  He has been clear that his campaign for progressive social change did not end with the Philadelphia convention and will not end with the November elections.  He has not been clear about how that is to happen.  “Our Revolution” …

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Jul 06

Toward a Platform Debate in Philadelphia

[Translate] An Old-Time Convention In Philadelphia? By Tom Gallagher  Reposted by permission It’s quite understandable that some might think this whole Democratic nomination thing was over long ago — or at least should have been — even though they’re still counting June 7 California primary votes (Hillary Clinton’s overall win is not in doubt, but Bernie …

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Jun 01

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

[Translate] I tried to go to the Bernie rally in downtown Oakland on Monday but by the time the BART train let me out, Oscar Grant Plaza was already filled with bodies from wall to wall and there was a long line of people waiting to go through the security tent and get in.  How …

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May 02

Bernie Keeps on Keeping On

[Translate] By Tom Gallagher Really, you can’t fault Hillary Clinton’s campaign for trying to get Bernie Sanders out of the race. It’s a campaign – that’s what you do. They want to win the nomination. We on the Sanders side want it too and we’d love to see Clinton out. But we’re also campaigning to change …

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Apr 08

Clinton is the weaker horse

[Translate] By Tom Gallagher Gallagher is the author of ‘The Primary Route: How the 99% Take On the Military Industrial Complex.’  He lives in San Francisco.  Reposted from Common Dreams with permission of the author. Wisconsin was another great Sanders campaign success story. When the voters realized their choices were not limited to the usual corporate …

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Oct 01

Funny and Serious about Health Care

[Translate] Andy Borowitz scores again with his satire, “Millions Flee Obamacare,” in the online edition of The New Yorker, here.  Almost equally good is his prequel, “Boehner Advises Americans to Delay Getting Cancer for a Year,” here.   Borowitz’s humor highlights the cynicism and contempt behind the right-wing Republican attack on Obamacare. These attacks are …

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