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Jan 13

Leaf Art

[Translate] Almost a year ago I blogged from a vacation trip to Ecuador.  One of the highlights was a visit to the Festival of Fruits and Flowers in the city of Ambato.  In the art museum there, a series of pictures executed on plant leaves caught my eye, and I sneaked a photo of one …

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Sep 27

Three cheers for the mayor

[Translate] Three cheers for Gayle McLaughlin, the mayor of neighboring Richmond, CA, the site of a leaky, creaky Chevron petroleum refinery.  Last year she brought suit against Chevron on account of its failure to maintain the plant, which led to a huge fire that sent thousands to hospitals.  This month she traveled to Ecuador to …

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Mar 29

Carnival in Ambato, Ecuador (Video)

[Translate] One of the highlights of our recent vacation in Ecuador was the carnival celebration in Ambato.  Known as the Garden City, Ambato sits two hours by bus due south of Quito.  It’s a special town — it was completely destroyed by a huge earthquake in 1949 at a loss of 6,000 lives.  To commemorate its comeback …

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Mar 23

Keeping Ancient Arts Alive (Peguche, Ecuador)

[Translate] During our recent vacation in Ecuador, I had the opportunity to visit a workshop where the traditional art of wool weaving by hand is still practiced.  This is the Artesanía el Gran Condor in Peguche, a village a few minutes from Otavalo, the market town two hours north of Quito.  I took some stills …

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Mar 16

A Month in Ecuador — A Travel Blog

[Translate] A Month in Ecuador – Our Travel Blog Introduction:  Our first pick for a South American vacation was Costa Rica, because it has a lot of ecological diversity and is well known.  Then we heard in the news that the President of Ecuador had granted asylum to Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, in …

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Nov 24

Pachamama Alliance

[Translate] Sheila and I happened to be at an event in Oakland where the conversation turned to Ecuador and someone gave us a business card for something called the Pachamama Alliance.  With the card came an invitation to the group’s luncheon.  Neither of us had ever heard of the group and we were skeptical. Curiosity …

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