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May 11

State of the Nation

[Translate] Thanks to Occupy Posters via Daily Kos for this cartoon that says a lot in just a few words:                                                                       …

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Apr 14

Diary of a Substitute

[Translate] Substitute teachers, like plumbers and emergency room doctors, don’t see systems at their best.  Crap and blood everywhere is their normal.  Worse, subs are generally not appreciated.  People usually thank plumbers and doctors. In the average classroom, when the sub walks in, the devils leap with joy.  Tom Gallagher’s new book, Sub: My Years …

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Apr 11

The Poverty of Education

[Translate] Treatises on education are often ordeals of blurry thinking, but no such complaint can be leveled against Diane Ravitch’s latest. From the title — Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools — to the final paragraph, Ravitch marshals her arguments and her evidence in clear declarative …

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Jun 24

Banks get bailed, students get screwed (Video)

[Translate] As the parent of two kids (well, they used to be kids) who have student debt to pay off, I heartily endorse the effort behind this video. The proposed doubling of student loan interest rates highlights in a most glaring way the amazingly spreading gap between the 1 per cent and the rest of …

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May 18

Higher Ed: The Lowdown

[Translate] One of the country’s  leading education scholars, John Aubrey Douglass, presented an informative lecture this evening on the life and death of California’s higher education system.  Sponsored by the Alameda County Office of Education, the lecture capped a visiting scholar series held at the Oakland Museum of California. Starting with a historical overview, Douglass …

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Sep 21

Education as a constitutional right?

[Translate] Bob Moses, the civil rights leader of the 1960s, is in town and I had the privilege of participating in an informal evening with him and about 30 others at the home of a friend in North Oakland.  The event was billed as a fundraiser for Ron Bridgeforth — more about that later — …

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Nov 21

Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Protesters

[Translate] A video collage from four different cameras showing the UC campus police pepper spraying nonviolent student protesters.