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Jul 10

Soccer shocker

[Translate] While Germany dismantled Brazil on the futebol grass, Israel demolished the houses of Palestinian families in Gaza — and my attention, like much of the world’s, was focused on the soccer game.  In the article below, originally published by Al Jazeera English, Prof. Hamid Dabashi of Columbia University in New York asks why is that.  Excellent …

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Dec 24

Let the man go

[Translate] Now that Putin has released Mikhail Khodorkovsky and members of Pussy Riot, maybe this spirit of showy clemency will waft over to Israel and move Netanyahu to let Mordechai Vanunu hop the next plane out.  Vanunu, the whistleblower who in 1985 revealed that Israel had built nuclear weapons, has suffered for his actions like …

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Sep 27

Birthday thoughts

[Translate] On my 72nd birthday a couple of days ago I ate dinner at the Zatar restaurant in downtown Berkeley and then watched the Welcome to Hebron movie at the Berkeley Community College. Zatar is well known locally and I join the many customers who sing its praises.  The fare is an eclectic mix of …

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Sep 10

Vigil Against Syria War

[Translate] Frustrated by the absence of any organized big protest against the proposed war on Syria, I accepted an emailed invitation from MoveOn.org on Friday evening to organize a neighborhood candlelight vigil on Monday night Sept. 9.  I figured that maybe 10-15 people would show up, and so I situated the event down at the corner …

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Apr 20

Benefit: Music School Rises from Ashes

[Translate] [wdgpo_plusone] Inmates in Nazi concentration camps sometimes managed to perform music.  That same spirited determination in the face of  extreme hardship animates the Gaza Music School. It was established in 2008 thanks to a grant from the London-based Qattan Foundation.  At the end of its first year, Israeli bombers — made in the U.S.A. …

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Sep 20

A Courageous Voice for Peace

[Translate] Miko Peled, the son of an Israeli general, spoke at Berkeley Community College yesterday evening, and I listened.  Peled, born and raised in Jerusalem, a European Jew from a long line of Zionist militarists, dissents strongly from the official line about Israel.  In a 45-minute presentation, he punctured the myth of the Israeli state …

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