Tag: Karl Marx

Dec 10

Job in the Box

[Translate] Like Don Draper in Mad Men who capitalized on the cigarette disaster, a German ad agency has cleverly made hay out of people’s sense of being trapped in their jobs.  Only 13 per cent of German workers felt happy in their jobs in the Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle).  The Scholz & Friends ad agency in …

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Oct 12

San Francisco 1968-1973

[Translate] (Continued from Simon Fraser) At a distance, San Francisco in late ‘68 still glowed from the “Summer of Love” festival the previous year.  But that glow was like the light that continues to travel in space after its source  burns out.  My friend in San Francisco — the noted Marxist economist James O’Connor — …

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Oct 01

Simon Fraser 1966-1968

[Translate] Continued from Hell No I Won’t Go) My first impression of Vancouver was of a beautiful vacation land.  I had found temporary lodging in a tiny furnished apartment in the city with a window facing north onto the harbor , and on the first clear morning, the panorama of snowy peaks across the water, almost …

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Sep 06

Wesleyan (4) – Real-World Learning

[Translate] (Continued from College (3) – Paris) During our spring semester in Paris in 1961, the Algerian war of independence  had been in its final stages.  We American students mostly kept our noses in our books.  Still, it was impossible not to become aware of the great agitation in the city and the country.  On many …

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