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Jul 26

New Edition, New Publishing

[Translate] One of the rewards of my retirement is the time to get to long-postponed projects.  Other than dropping 30 lbs and getting ripped abs, the longest-postponed project in my life has been updating How Was Your Week, the LifeRing convenor handbook. How Was Your Week came out originally in 2003, at a time when …

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Jan 23

My Updated Audiobook Now On Sale

[Translate] It took a lot of stumbles on my part and a heap of patience on the part of the professionals at ACX, the Audiobook Exchange, but the second audiobook edition of my book Empowering Your Sober Self is now up and available. This edition updates my perspective on the LifeRing pathway to addiction recovery.  The …

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Nov 23

Second Edition of Empowering Your Sober Self

[Translate] The second edition of my book, Empowering Your Sober Self: The LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery, is now off the press and on sale via lifering.com. The text of this second edition corrects several typographical errors. The worst of these was the inexcusable misspelling of the last name of Jean Kirkpatrick, founder of Women …

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Oct 05

21 Years Sober

[Translate] Wednesday this week, Oct. 2, I celebrated 21 years clean and sober.  Well, I didn’t exactly celebrate.  I went to a legal education program at the San Francisco Federal Building in the late afternoon, then walked over to the Mission district to see what I thought was a film about German postwar radicalism, but …

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Mar 23

My Recovery Audiobook is Out

[Translate] My narration of Empowering Your Sober Self, the LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery, is published at last.  You can get it: At audible.com At amazon.com At iTunes (search audiobooks for “Nicolaus LifeRing”) The audio runs 6:45 (six hours and 45 minutes).  I have no control over the price, which is higher than the print …

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Oct 02

Celebrating 20 Years Clean & Sober

[Translate] It gives me great pleasure to celebrate today, Oct. 2 2012,  my 20th anniversary clean and sober.  This milepost, which once seemed so dim and remote, is now a present reality, and I feel an inner glow of happiness and empowerment.  Truly, getting sober is among the very best decisions I have made in …

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Sep 25

My article on LifeRing published in Treatment Groups journal

[Translate] An article I wrote late last year about the LifeRing recovery group has now been published in the Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery, Vol. 7, 2012.  This is a special double issue on the theme “Broadening the Base of Addiction Mutual Support Groups: Bringing Theory and Science to Contemporary Trends.” This is …

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