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Worth watching: David Koch was not amused

This documentary focuses on a building on New York’s Park Avenue where the city’s richest people live.  One of them is David Koch of the notorious Koch brothers.  Koch not only finances the Tea Party and a series of right-wing think tanks and lobbying firms.  He also bought his way, via 21 million dollars in …

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Viet-Report (1965-1968)

(Continued from Mississippi Winter 1964-65) We left Jackson in April 1965.  My molars were rotting away.  A dentist in Pittsburgh PA who was a steadfast supporter of the civil rights movement offered to work on my teeth for free.  Getting my molars fixed for free, with novocaine, felt like advanced socialism, by contrast to the Cuban kind, …

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Crossing the Atlantic (1953)

(Continued from Memories of Frankfurt) The S.S. United States was the state of the art in ocean travel in 1953.  She had been built just a year earlier for the express purpose of beating the British giants, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, for the transatlantic speed record.  She more than broke the record, she smashed …

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