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Dec 09

Ghost Ship Fire: Victims of the Free Market

[Translate] When I got the news of the Ghost Ship fire, I sent a panic text to my son who lives in Berkeley.  He’s the same age as most of the victims.  He’s in the arts scene.  He might have been there.  It was the same trembly, sinking feeling I had on 9/11, when my …

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Jul 27

An Endangered Species

[Translate] Had the privilege of an invitation yesterday to a meeting of concern about the Trayvon Martin injustice.  Titled “Turning Tragedy into Triumph,” the event was hosted by the Oakland Brotherhood of Elders Network at Geoffrey’s Club on 14th Street in downtown Oakland, a traditional civil rights venue just around the corner from my old …

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Jul 26

Bicycles in an Art Museum?

[Translate] Memo to the Oakland Museum: The Portland OR Art Museum has a popular special exhibit featuring modern bicycle designs.  More than forty bikes are on display, ranging from the ultra-compact Sachs Tango, which folds up almost into a briefcase, to the Smith Long John, one of the first cargo-carrying bikes.  There’s also the Taga, …

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Jul 12

Bridge Builders: Photography by Joseph A. Blum

[Translate] I love it when an old friend makes good. Back decades ago when Joe and I and other troublemakers were running from one demonstration to another, we’d never have dreamed that one day Joe would have a gala reception for his work in San Francisco’s City Hall. But it happened July 11. Joe was …

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Jun 19

Disaster Preparedness: No Lunch

[Translate] The Alameda County Department of Public Health staged its third annual Emergency Preparedness Fair in the concourse of the Oakland Coliseum this morning.  Many dozens of concerned folks from various parts of the county gathered to take workshops, check out the vendors, and network. I got the most out of a workshop on the …

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Sep 29

Public Transportation – The Ruin

[Translate] Today the 16th Street train station in Oakland was open for a festival and walk-through, sponsored by Kaiser.  Before WWII this station was the center of public transportation in the East Bay, with train, streetcar and ferry connections all in one hub.  After the war, the auto companies took over parts of regional government …

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Sep 21

Education as a constitutional right?

[Translate] Bob Moses, the civil rights leader of the 1960s, is in town and I had the privilege of participating in an informal evening with him and about 30 others at the home of a friend in North Oakland.  The event was billed as a fundraiser for Ron Bridgeforth — more about that later — …

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