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Nov 16

Internet eroding religion

[Translate] The millennial generation is less religious than any before it, and the Internet is probably responsible.  That’s the conclusion of two separate recent reports. Adam Lee, a writer for the Guardian (UK), cites research showing that: In every region of the country, in every Christian denomination, membership is either stagnant or declining. Meanwhile, the …

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Dec 23

Religion: Walking Away

[Translate] The number of Americans who do not identify with any religion continues to grow at a rapid pace.  So says a Pew Research poll done in late 2012.  It finds that one out of five Americans of all ages today is religiously unaffiliated, up five per cent over the previous five years.  In the …

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Nov 27

Provide Alternatives to 12-Step Or Else!

[Translate] Provide secular alternatives to 12-step treatment, or else!  That’s the message of the Hazle v. Crofoot decision issued this fall by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  My analysis of the case appears this month in Counselor Connection, the online newsletter of Counselor Magazine.  This goes out to addiction counselors nationwide, but whether many …

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Aug 27

What price constitutional rights?

[Translate] Barry Hazle served a year in prison for possession of methamphetamine.  He was released on parole on condition that he attend and complete a 90-day residential drug treatment program.  Hazle repeatedly told authorities that he is an atheist, and requested treatment in a non-religious program.  He was assigned, instead, to the Empire treatment program …

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Sep 30

Hell No I Won’t Go (1965-1969)

[Translate] (Continued from Viet-Report) At Brandeis that fall (1966) a student dive-bombed and crashed a light airplane into the center of campus, killing himself and his female passenger.  Rumors swirled that it was a love pact, a Romeo-and-Juliet affair, but in the background there was the Vietnam draft.  With the massive escalation of the ground …

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