Pix of Paddleboard Man a Winner

Paddleboard man returns

I recently joined the Berkeley Camera Club and had the good luck and honor to have one of my photos selected as “Best in Show” at one of the club’s Tuesday night meetings.  The winning shot was taken from Cesar Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina and shows a tall, slender man on a paddleboard out in the bay during one of our best red sunsets.  I go to Cesar Chavez Park frequently but haven’t seen this paddleboard person again. If anyone knows him, please pass the word that I’d like to give him a print of the photo if he wants one.  It wouldn’t have been half as good a picture without him.

I was also pleased to have a couple of other photos of mine take awards.  My night shot of the British Columbia parliament buildings took a second place, and my candid shot of a young sidewalk artist in San Rafael earned a third place in club competitions.  If anyone knows the young artist, I’d be happy to offer a print to her parents as well.

B.C. Parliament buildings, Victoria Harbor











Street artist, San Rafael CA

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