Tax the Rich Demo One Year Old

Occupella singing at first birthday of Tax the Rich. Me on the left, next to Occupella co-founder Nancy Schimmel. Occupella’s Hali Hammer and Bonnie Lockhart play guitars.

The Tax the Rich demonstration on upper Solano Avenue in Berkeley celebrated its first birthday this afternoon, and Occupella was there.  The demonstration, at the old Oaks Theatre across the street from a Private Client (read: loaded) branch of Chase, features signs urging higher tax rates on corporations and wealthy individuals, among other causes.  Numerous motorists honked their approval in passing.  Occupella ( has been a regular feature of the demonstration, providing musical inspiration and entertainment.

Hali Hammer, one of the founders of the Occupella singing group, wrote a Happy Birthday song for the occasion.  Sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle, it goes like this:

Happy birthday, Tax the Rich,
Happy birthday to ya!
We will rally till we win and then shout Hallelujah!

We are out here every Monday
Holding signs and singing
Folks join in because they like
the message we are bringing!

We’ve been out here one full year
In sun and windy weather
And we come back each week because
we’re all in this together!

Cars go by and honk their horns
Bus drivers support us
99% say yes and join us on the chorus

So happy birthday, Tax the Rich
As evil we are booing
We’ll strengthen our democracy
With all the good we’re doing!

There was cake to celebrate the occasion, enjoyed all the more for lack of forks to eat it with.


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