Worth watching: David Koch was not amused

ParkAveFilmThis documentary focuses on a building on New York’s Park Avenue where the city’s richest people live.  One of them is David Koch of the notorious Koch brothers.  Koch not only finances the Tea Party and a series of right-wing think tanks and lobbying firms.  He also bought his way, via 21 million dollars in donations, onto the board of WNET and WGBH, the main PBS stations in New York City and Boston, respectively. Koch was not amused by the film, withdrew a major donation he had planned to give, and resigned from the board. Another documentary focusing on the Koch brothers’ political role was cancelled.  The story is in the current (May 27) issue of The New Yorker.

The documentary gives clear graphic charts of the growing disparities between wealth and poverty, and emphasizes the role of politics in making it happen.  It’s worth watching (58 mins).