Kindle Edition of my Empowering Book Back Up

eysscover-squareThe Kindle e-book edition of my Empowering Your Sober Self book was off market for a few days last week.  It is back up now, actually a little better than before: the Table of Contents is more detailed, and an embarrassing typo (misspelling the name of Jean Kirkpatrick, founder of Women for Sobriety) has been set right.  Here’s the link to the book.  The e-book edition is only $9.99.

The audiobook edition — almost seven hours of my voice, for $17.95, or free if you join Audible) — continues to sell nicely.  I’d love to hear from listeners: do you listen in your car during a commute, or at home as a sleep aid, LOL?  You can get it here.

Needless to add, the paperback print edition is still cooking. is not the best place to buy it … one of their vendors lists a slightly worn edition for $999.12!  The best and fastest place to get brand new copies for MUCH less than $999.12 is LifeRing Press.  I continue to hear from readers who tell me that the book has been meaningful in their lives.  I very much appreciate this feedback.  This is what writers live for.

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