Fracking for Yats

frackThis week’s Scientific American asks “Can U.S. Fracked Gas Save Ukraine?” The article points out that Ukraine depends on Russia for about two thirds of its natural gas, which gives Putin and his oligarchs a big hammer. So, naturally, the oligarchs in Washington are angling to replace Russian gas with American gas, if they can. And American gas is projected to become much more plentiful, provided our oligarchs are allowed to keep fracking. Sadly, says the Scientific American analyst, the shipping terminals needed to bring U.S. fracked gas overseas won’t be built until 2015 at the earliest.

In anticipation, we can expect a new patriotic theme song from the lips of our energy oligarchs: Frack for Yats!

Yes, Washington has already spent about $5 billion, by official admission, pumping up the opposition to the elected Ukrainian government, some of which went, no doubt, to the neo-Nazi thugs who spearheaded the overthrow of that government last month, and who currently run the new regime’s police force.

Yatsenyuk, the replacement, who is Washington’s poodle, is currently at the White House with his paw out. He’ll get a billion or so, and pledges of more, provided he stays on his leash.

Forbes thinks he will. In a 2/27 article, Forbes’ writer compares Yats to Italy’s Mario Monti, “unelected and willing to do the IMF’s bidding.” After the honeymoon gifts are spent, look for Yats to turn his part of the Ukraine into the next Greece. He openly admires the Greek model and promises to help the IMF install it in Ukraine. “I’m going to be the most unpopular prime minister in the history of my country,” Yats predicted. “But this is the only solution.”

So, let’s all support more fracking in the U.S.!  Let’s poison our dwindling water supply, let’s generate worse air pollution, let’s trigger more earthquakes, let’s build more pipelines, let’s put more supertankers on the oceans.  We have to do it to support our oligarchs’ boy Yats in Kiev in his effort to save the hedge funds from a default on Ukraine government bonds, even if it means cramming austerity down the throats of the Ukrainian people who didn’t elect Yats and who will come to hate Yats’ guts.  Let’s frack over our country to help Yats fuck over his.

No way!

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