Trump Tweetstorm: Build Wall Around Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans worse than Mexicans!!  Mexicans are rapists, murderers, thieves.  Puerto Ricans are Democrats!  Disgusting!  Invading Florida scheming to turn the state blue!  Hundreds of thousands of them.  In a state where just a couple of thousand votes decide national elections.

Do they think I’m an idiot?  I’m much smarter than them!  Most smart man on planet probably!  Undoubtedly!  I know how to fix their malicious plot.  Build a wall around Puerto Rico!  Make them pay for it!

Until it’s built, strict travel controls at airports, harbors.  Nobody leaves if they can’t pass loyalty test.  Loyalty to the President!  And speak English.

Don’t tell me I can’t keep them from coming here!  Some previous administration, Democrats no doubt,  gave them American citizenship, I’m told.  Big mistake.  I’m going to deport the whole island and everybody on it.  With my pen.  Watch me!

Besides, they haven’t paid their debt.  They owe us.  Big time.  No running out on that debt, amigos!  Until you pay, you stay!



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