Imagine: Energy as a Nonprofit Service

IMAGINE:  The Elephant Party and the Donkey Party have split and broken up.  The new Goat Party has won a landslide victory and I, its standard bearer, am installed in the White House.  Following two speeches on foreign policy, I turned to domestic policy issues.  The following is the third talk in the series about the domestic economy.  


My fellow Americans:

Tonight I want to talk to you about energy.  Many people know the impact of gasoline prices at the pump on our household budgets.  Energy is so important to other sectors of the economy that the price of energy can depress or run up the price of many other products in industry and agriculture.   Because energy is so important to us all, it’s just unwise management to leave control over energy to a handful of private owners whose only concern is their profit.  Yet that’s been the reality.  It’s got to change, and it’s going to change, starting today.

Toward that end, we have bought controlling interests in the major energy companies who have assets in this country, and we are going to consolidate them into a single firm, American Consolidated Energy Service, Inc.  ACES is going to be run as a nonprofit.  Its strategic objective will not be to maximize its owners’ profit, as before, but to provide a maximum of affordable energy services to the economy.  That’s right, ACES Inc. will be run as a nonprofit service company, similar in many ways to a public utility.

What, specifically, will change?

ACES will stabilize energy prices and make them predictable.  We are not so isolated from the world market that we can avoid all price changes, but we can certainly smooth them out over time.  Farmers, other industries, heating oil consumers, drivers, all energy buyers will be protected against budget-busting short-term energy price fluctuations.

ACES will be an energy company, not just an oil company.  It will include the old fossil fuels but it will also build and distribute renewables like solar, wind, thermal, and others, on a very large scale.  We will end the oil lobby’s cutthroat war against wind and solar.  We will end the totally unnecessary subsidies to the oil companies that we have paid for decades.  We will put fossil fuels and renewables on a level playing field for price.

Within twelve months, we will have a national conference on fracking.  With our new ownership, we finally have access to the full story about the chemicals and processes used in fracking, and the truth about the effects of fracking on water, soil, and ground stability.  All that will come out, and we will reach an informed and democratic decision about whether to continue fracking, limit fracking to certain places and certain conditions, or stop fracking altogether.

ACES will work to decentralize the energy grid and make it more resilient.  We will work to put solar on just about every rooftop, and storage batteries in just about every basement or closet.  Wherever possible, individual homes and neighborhoods will achieve something close to energy independence.  Large-scale brownouts or blackouts due to grid problems will be a thing of the past.  The grid will not be the primary energy source but a backup and an energy leveler.

In each and every energy decision we will look at the impact on air, water, soil, health, and the atmosphere.  In the pursuit of profit, the oil giants polluted the air, poisoned water and soil, impacted millions of people’s health, and loaded the atmosphere with greenhouse gases that have messed up the weather, brought an unending string of disasters, melted glaciers and ice fields north and south, warmed the ocean, and raised up flood levels. That has to stop, right now.  ACES is going to shift the center of gravity in our national energy balance toward renewables.  No worker is going to be unemployed by the shift in emphasis from oil to wind and solar.  On the contrary, wind and solar have a labor shortage even now, and every man and woman who wants to work in energy will get a well-paying job in energy that’s clean, inexhaustible, and good for the planet.  America will become the cleanest nation and set an example for the rest of the world.

ACES will install high-speed electric vehicle charging posts using a universal format at every location that now has a gas station, and in every public parking lot.  Americans will fall in love with electric vehicles once they put the seat of their pants inside one and feel the amazing acceleration.  American drivers love power.  They haven’t seen real power until they’ve driven electric.  True, many miss the roar of the engines.  Well, there’s a cure for that.  We’re going to have manufacturers offer pre-recorded gas engine noises from the race car of the driver’s choice as an option to play on the stereo, loud, as they step on the electric pedal.   Given 250-mile batteries, fast charging available everywhere, and comparable prices, EVs will take the American market by storm inside of one generation.  Our lungs, our skies, our atmosphere and oceans will be the better for it.

My fellow Americans:  American history is wrapped up with energy.  Now it’s time to move that history forward.  The American Consolidated Energy Service company will create a broad, solid, economical, and progressive energy foundation for the American future.



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