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Victims of the Argentine Dictatorship

With my family background of resistance and survival in Nazi Germany, I sometimes forget how many other dictatorships there have been and are, and how many other families resist and survive, or not.  A poignant testimony to the sufferings of the Argentinian people under the dictatorship there comes in a song by Victor Heredia, Ojos …

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Grand Rounds Lecture on Addiction

In October 2010, I had the honor to present a lecture on addiction at a psychiatric hospital in Victoria BC.  The 8 a.m. “Grand Rounds” lecture arose out of my work on addiction in connection with LifeRing Secular Recovery.  That chapter of my life story remains to be written.  My hosts, the able LifeRing Canada …

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People Shut Down Port of Oakland Again

A major public relations campaign by the Port of Oakland and its allies in the Chamber of Commerce and in Oakland’s political establishment either had no effect or backfired, as the size of the crowd that marched on the port on Monday December 12 easily topped the initial effort November 2.  Although there was some …

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Eclipse pix

The shadow of the earth eclipsed the moon on Saturday morning Dec. 10, exactly as astronomers predicted.  Here are some snapshots of the event as seen from Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park.  Short slideshow below.

Re-Occupy Foreclosed Homes

As part of a nationwide series of demonstrations aimed at stopping and rolling back home foreclosures, more than 100 people gathered in Oakland’s historic DeFremery Park on Dec. 6, and then walked half a block to the home of Gayla Newsom and her family, who have re-occupied their home that was taken away by Chase …

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Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Protesters

A video collage from four different cameras showing the UC campus police pepper spraying nonviolent student protesters.

Students speak out in San Francisco Nov. 16 2011

Students from several area colleges held a rally outside the California State Building on Wednesday Nov. 16 at 4 pm.  After a brief opening presentation, the mike was opened to anyone who wanted to speak.  I edited short clips from a number of the speakers into a 5-min video that’s up on YouTube, or here: