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Earth Day Video is Up

On April 22, 2012, people gathered all across the nation (plus groups in Spain, Costa Rica, and Kazakhstan) to sing Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” in the same key (D) and at the same time (noon Pacific, 1 pm Mountain, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern). Hali Hammer created and organized the project, …

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Singing on the Street

Singing with Occupella

Occupella — — was founded by six women who are veterans of the folk song movement.  Here I am on the left holding a sign; seated with the guitar is Hali Hammer, one of Occupella’s founders, and the organizer and producer of this year’s international Earth Day sing-out (see separate posts).  Occupella sings on …

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Is it Time to Occupy Recovery?

Two years after my retirement as CEO of LifeRing, the organization invited me to speak at its annual meeting in San Francisco on May 12.  As is obvious to readers of this website, one of my influences in the past year has been the Occupy movement.  My talk is a blend of my experience and …

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In Support of the People of Aysén

The La Peña Community Chorus of Berkeley recorded these two pieces as a message of support for the people of Aysén, Chile, who have since the beginning of this year been in a state of confrontation with the central government. Lichi Fuentes, co-director of the chorus, and a native of Chile, organized the performance. I …

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Re-Occupy Foreclosed Homes

As part of a nationwide series of demonstrations aimed at stopping and rolling back home foreclosures, more than 100 people gathered in Oakland’s historic DeFremery Park on Dec. 6, and then walked half a block to the home of Gayla Newsom and her family, who have re-occupied their home that was taken away by Chase …

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Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Protesters

A video collage from four different cameras showing the UC campus police pepper spraying nonviolent student protesters.