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My park photo book now available on Kindle

From Trash to Treasure, my photo book celebrating the beauties of Cesar Chavez Park, is now available as an e-book for Kindle. Hats off to customer support, who walked me through the process of getting this photo book into the proper format.  You can feed Kindle a PDF file for a book that consists …

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Invention needed: Cell-scanner gadget

For my efforts at jury service — the defense lawyer in a criminal case bounced me on a peremptory challenge — I received a check in the amount of $17.04 from the court.  That seemed not worth the trip to the bank to deposit it.  Fortunately my credit union now allows me to deposit checks …

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My new book: From Trash to Treasure

My new book, From Trash to Treasure: The Splendors of Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park, is now off the press and available for sale on I really owe this book to a dog named Mosey.  Sheila Jordan, my wife, rescued Mosey from the pound about 15 years ago.  He lived for the chase of tennis balls.  Our relationship …

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Hike to Tomales Point (Pt. Reyes)

I took a break yesterday and hiked from Pierce Point Ranch to Tomales Point, the northernmost extremity of the Point Reyes National Seashore.  The area is noted as habitat of the tule elk, and did not disappoint.  I encountered a small group of does on the path early on, then another small group of stags …

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Photographer’s Life Ain’t Easy

Thanks to Gene Dominique of the Berkeley Camera club for this link to a set of photos showing photographers going to extremes — sometimes ridiculous extremes, sometimes life-threatening ones — to capture that great image.  

Burrowing Owl is here

The burrowing owl, one of the stranger branches of bird evolution, is back to its nesting area in Cesar Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina. These owls don’t nest in trees but in burrows made by diggers like ground squirrels, of which there are many hundreds at this location. And this owl has long legs; …

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Koi Motion

Recently I had the opportunity to see a well-kept pool with an exceptionally good selection of colorful koi (Japanese for carp) and took this video.  Koi is also the Japanese word for love or affection, and so the fish are prized not only for their beauty but for their evocation of friendship or courtship.