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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is the nearest BART stop?

A:  North Berkeley.  It’s a 10-minute walk, see map.  

Walking directions:

From BART: Out of the station head left to Virginia Street.  On Virginia Street head right (uphill) maybe 60 yards to Sacramento Street (four-lane street with green divider).  Turn left.  Go on Sacramento Street three blocks to the second traffic light, which is Rose Street.  Turn right.  Go to the first stop sign (California Street), turn left (downhill).  Your destination is the third house on the left side.

To BART:  Out of the apartment gate turn right (uphill).  Turn right at the corner (Rose Street, downhill).  Turn left at the light (Sacramento Street).  Go three blocks to Virginia Street – you’ll see the parking lot, ‘BA’ signs and the station building on your right.

BART train schedules are here.   When is the next BART train from here to San Francisco?  Click here.

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Q:  How do I get a taxi in Berkeley?

 A:  There are quite a few local taxi companies, for example:  

Berkeley Yellow Cab:  (510) 548-8000
Berkeley Taxi Cab (510) 208-0111
Berkeley Green Taxi (510) 434-1234
Yellow Berkeley Cab (510) 548-4444
Veteran’s Taxi (510) 534-0123 ‎
Berkeley Airport Cab (510) 654-1111 ‎
I Yellow Taxi (510) 848-2222
Local Airport Cab (510) 506-3327
Airport Yellow Taxi (510) 486-0400 ‎
Taxicabs Berkeley (510) 444-2227
You can also  find cabs waiting at the North Berkeley BART station pretty much anytime that BART is running.

Q:  What buses are available near the apartment:

A:  AC Transit operates all the local buses; its web site is  This has schedules, fares, and maps.  The following bus lines stop nearby:

  •  Line H stops on the side of the Espresso Roma (corner of Monterey Avenue & Hopkins Street)  This is a commuter express bus to downtown San Francisco that runs during commute hours.  Details.  (Note:  California Street becomes Monterey Avenue when it crosses Hopkins Street.)
  •  Line 25 stops at the side of the Monterey Market (Hopkins Street corner of California Street) and diagonally across the street from it.  This line runs a loop that includes the downtown Berkeley BART station (a block from the UC campus), upper Solano Avenue, and the El Cerrito Plaza BART station.  One side of the street runs the loop clockwise, the other runs it counterclockwise.  Details.
  • Line 52 stops in front of the Friends Church, corner of Sacramento and Cedar, and goes up University Avenue; it then makes a complete clockwise loop of the UC Berkeley campus.  Details.

Q:  Where can I rent a bicycle?

A:  Three nearby bike rental places are:

Berkeley Bikes and Skateboards
1227 San Pablo Ave
(510) 356-4454

Wheels of Justice Cyclery
1554 Solano Ave
510 524-1094

Bike Station Downtown Berkeley
2208 Shattuck Ave
510 548-7433


Q:  What’s the weather in Berkeley right now? 

A:  Here’s a great webcam overlooking Berkeley, with links to forecasts and related info  

Here’s the ten-day forecast for Berkeley, for what it’s worth (sometimes not a lot!)


       Q:  What hiking or running trails are available in Berkeley?

A:   Try these:

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