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Audio Tapes by Oma, 1984-85-87-89

Oma selfie in mirror March 1990 (Custom)

Oma selfie in mirror March 1990

Margot Nicolaus, my mother, known since the birth of Fred as “Oma,” delighted in her grandchildren and spent many hours with them.  She took hundreds of photos, many of which she mounted in thick albums that I’ve digitized for these web pages.  She also bought a cassette recorder and recorded their voices.  Only four of these recordings — she probably made more than a dozen — have survived.  Here they are.

Fred June 17 1984

Fred on June 17 1984

Tape No. 1:  Oma and Fred, Sept. 12 1984 (49:34) — Fred is two

Tape No. 2: Oma and Fred April 24 1985 (31:43) –- Fred is two and a half

Jack in late 1988

Tape No. 3: Oma and Jack, December 14 1987 (18:23) — Jack is ten months old

Tape No. 4: Oma and Jack Sept. 19 1989 (31:51) –- Jack is two years and 8 months