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me and sheila selfie

Sheila and I on a walk in the park

Me at son Jack's wedding on April 16 2016

Me at Jack’s wedding on April 16 2016

In this year, 2016, my life has got unstuck from its old patterns and is moving forward with a jolt.  My younger son, Jack, got married in April.  My elder son, Fred, is due to get married this November.  My wife Sheila’s younger son, Danny, is due to get married in December.  I am on calendar to turn 75 in the fall.  I’ve closed my law office, donated hundreds of books to the library, and moved my work area into a much smaller space.

Suddenly, the project of digitizing the stacks of photo albums, VHS videos and cassette tapes that have been gathering dust for decades has moved to the front burner.  There are events, buried in neglected archives, that deserve to rise into the light. There are young women who will want to see photos of their beloveds as babies and youths, and of their parents.  There may well be grandchildren who, one day, will squeal with delight at these images and sounds.  And I don’t have room to store all this bulk. If I fail to digitize these albums  while I’m still kicking, they may be lost forever.

My photo archive has lots of gaps. I couldn’t be everywhere and photograph everything. For what it may be worth, here are my albums.

Gallery: Winter of 1964 in Mississippi

I’ve told the story of our involvement in the civil rights movement in Mississippi on an earlier page. A few key photos that I took are also featured there.  Below is my full surviving collection of about 80 black-and-white photos from this time.

Photos 1978 TO 1982

These images are scanned from photo prints, covering approximately the years 1978 to just before the birth of Fred.  At that time I worked full time in Bay Area machine shops; see the separate album here. In my spare time I was an avid bicyclist.  I bicycled everywhere locally.  I completed several centuries (100-mile rides).  I …

MN at Allied Engineering

Machine Shop Photos

From 1977 to 1983 I worked in a number of machine shops in the Bay Area. These photos, taken in 1982 or thereabouts,  are from the time I worked at Allied Engineering in Alameda.

Medical Supplies for ZANU – 1978

As she explains in the introductory image, my mother helped to organize a drive to collect clothing and medical supplies in 1977-78 for the benefit of ZANU, the Zimbabwe African National Union, during its war for the independence of Rhodesia from Britain.

Fred and Dad 1983 or 4 in Tilden Park

Photos 1982 to 1987

The birth of Fred on August 24 1982 changed our lives, as babies will. These photos are from that date until the birth of Jack in February 1987.

Oma selfie in mirror March 1990 (Custom)

Audio Tapes by Oma, 1984-85-87-89

Margot Nicolaus, my mother, known since the birth of Fred as “Oma,” delighted in her grandchildren and spent many hours with them.  She took hundreds of photos, many of which she mounted in thick albums that I’ve digitized for these web pages.  She also bought a cassette recorder and recorded their voices.  Only four of …

Jack in ICU

Early Jack Photos

Jack was obviously bored in the womb and eager to get started in the world so he came out early, weighing only 2 lbs 12 oz. These photos are from the weeks he spent in the Intensive Care nursery unit at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland. We are deeply grateful to the nurses in that ICU …

Jack and Fred May 90 (Custom)

Photos March 1987 to end of 1992

These photos date from about the time Jack came home in late March 1987 until we moved to Berkeley at the end of 1992. These are practically all scanned photos made from printed images in album books that my mother put together.

Family Funnies — Videos from 1993 and later

Videos of and by Fred and Jack and Friends These videos made by Fred and Jack and their friends, with negligible parental help and zero parental interference (or often knowledge!) are unedited, may contain gaps and extraneous material, and in two cases were muted by YouTube for copyright infringement because they contain Beatles tunes as …

Photos 1993 and later

This is a sketchy gathering of photos, mostly scanned, dating from 1993 on. Don’t look for chronological order in this album.  I have more digital family images from this period mixed in with the other 40,000 photo files on my hard drive, and will get to them in time.

Photos: Puerto Vallarta Xmas 1993

Over the Christmas holiday in 1993 we took a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Marty’s Ninth Sobriety Anniversary Dinner 10-6-2001

In October 2001, the year of the founding convention of LifeRing Secular Recovery, some LifeRing friends held a surprise dinner in Oakland honoring me on the occasion of my ninth sobriety anniversary and my 60th birthday. They put together a book containing messages and images. Here are selections:

Jack in Midsummer Night’s Dream at BHS 12-08-2001

Jack had a hilarious role in this Berkeley High School production

At A’s Game July 28 2002

Jack got close with some VIPs

Jack BHS football Sept 2002

These photos are from just one game early in Jack’s football career at Berkeley High. Jack eventually became co-captain of the team.

Jack in BHS Guys n Dolls 5-10-2003

Jack played the Big Guy with the cigar in the Berkeley High School production

BHS Dance Production Jan-Feb 2004

Jack displayed both moves and mass in this Berkeley High School show

BHS ITPs 2-14-2004

Jack directed and acted in the Independent Theatre Productions (ITPs). ITP participants were Berkeley High students but the production, to quote the T-shirt, was “Independent as Fuck” — it was not supervised by school faculty, used no high school resources, and was staged off-campus.

Jack Prom King 4-25-2004

I had the privilege of taking these photos for Jack’s successful Prom King campaign.

(F5) Jack BHS Graduation 5-6-2005

Jack wowed the crowd with a song and dance number at his graduation

Jack UCLA Graduation 6-12-2009

Jack graduated from UCLA with a double major in acting and directing.

Revisiting the Village with Fred

In September 2010, Fred joined Sheila and me during a vacation in Berlin. Fred and I took a day trip from Berlin to Fürstenhagen, the tiny village where my mother and I had sheltered during the last two years of World War II. You can read more about that in her memoirs here, and there’s …