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Gehry concert hall in LA shot with Olympus 2.1 MP P&S

Gehry concert hall in LA
shot with Olympus 2.1 MP P&S

Photography is a hobby for me.  I’ve been taking pictures since the early sixties, but most of my early negatives and prints got lost during my wanderings.

When digital equipment came out, I joined the stampede of early adopters and I haven’t stopped.  I had an early 2.1 MP Olympus point-and-shoot and got good enough results with that to go in deeper. I got ambitious and invested in the remarkable Sigma SD10 camera system with the Foveon X3 sensor.  Many of the older images below are done with that equipment. I pretty much wore the camera body out, but more importantly, I wore myself out lugging all the gear.  The body, the set of six lenses from 12-1000mm, the flash and other accessories, plus batteries and tripod weighed a ton.

Young chalk artist Shot with Sigma SD-10

Young chalk artist
Shot with Sigma SD-10

Then I discovered the compact Panasonic Lumix ZS – series.  I could carry almost the same focal range of glass and even more megapixels easily in my shirt pocket. True, it wasn’t the same filmic image quality as the SD10, it didn’t have the bokeh, and it didn’t quite stretch as long as 1000mm nor as wide as 12mm, but it was pretty darn good.

Driftwood, Pt. Reyes Shot with DMC ZS10

Driftwood, Pt. Reyes
Shot with DMC ZS10

The end came for me during a hike in the southern part of Point Reyes, an area I don’t know as well as the central and northern parts.  I carried the full SD10 gear on my back and the Panasonic in a little belt pouch.  As it happened I got a bit lost and spent longer hours on the trek than I planned.  I took photos with both cameras along the way. At the end, my back felt just about broken; I’m not as young as I used to be.  After I compared the two sets of photos, I put the Sigma equipment up on Craigslist. Since then, I’ve been shooting exclusively with the Panasonic, moving from the ZS3 to the 7 and the 10 and now to the 70.  This little marvel is in my shirt pocket wherever I go.


At the moment I have no idea where some of these photos are on the web.  Somewhere between Picasa online and Google’s switcheroo out of Picasa, my head hasn’t stopped spinning and (a) I can’t find some of the good ones and (b) I can’t get rid of hundreds of bad ones.   For what it may be worth, here are some links, some of which actually work.  I’ll straighten it all out as soon as I get a round tuit.

Travel Blog from Norway (Aug. – Sept. 2018)

This consists of fourteen Google Docs pages with texts and photos included.  These links work. Some additional photos and videos may follow.



Photos from Ecuador (Feb – March 2013): 

(All of these are shot with the ZS20)


At the Grand Plaza


Photos From Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park

Check out my park website, for hundreds of additional and more recent photos from Cesar Chavez Park.

Photos from Occupy Oakland Nov. 2 2011


Photos from Point Reyes National Seashore

Tule Elk bull, Tomales Pt., Pt. Reyes

Oakland’s Former Public Transport Center (2012)


San Francisco Bike Trip (2011)


New York Highline (Aug. 2010)


New Yorkers (Street Portraits)


Hornby Island (B.C. Canada) Photos 2003-04


Miscellaneous Travel Photos

BC Parliament Buildings, Victoria Harbor

St. Pierre et Miquelon Summer 1966


Photos from the Civil Rights Movement 1964-65

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  1. Fantastic images Martin! This is my 5th year of sober living. I ran a LifeRing meeting here in Eugene for about 15 months until interest waned. In that time however, I learned a better set of tools, I believe, than is taught in the Say&Pray system in this area. They have no room for new models or positive self-work. I too love photography. I got a Canon AE-1 35mm back in 1977 and when I hit rock bottom, I lost some 10,000 negatives and prints, some priceless, to an unscrupulous storage facility operator. I had lost interest in my alcohol and substance years but luckily I found it again during a stint at the local community college I attended early in my recovery. My step-dad passed away a few years ago and the long lost AE-1 came back to me…talk about full-circle. I’ve been published in newspapers, the community college art focus magazine (juried), and in our law enforcement calendar (I volunteer for public service events) as well as having claimed juried show prizes. I hope to do a kickstarter to fund a large format printer this year and with luck I will be going back to work soon. Thank you for your positive and extremely helpful outlook on recovery. I am convinced my LifeRing experience gave me tools for life!

    James Kaplan
    Springfield Oregon

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