Tag: SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)

Mississippi Newsletter February 19, 1965

1208 Trinity Jackson, Miss Feb. 19, 1965 Dear Friends, We enclose this time a flyer which we wrote for distribution to Jackson students, but which we thought you would find interesting.  Last Tuesday we travelled to Issaquena county to get first-hand information — the press has blacked it out completely — and came away very …

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Mississippi Newsletter February 18, 1965

852 Short Street Jackson, Mississippi February 18, 1965 No FREEDOM in SCHOOL! Here is the story that no Mississippi newspaper dares to print: More than a thousand students in Issaquena and Sharkey counties have refused to go back to school because the principal, following the orders of an all-white school board, has not permitted them …

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Mississippi Newsletter December 9, 1964

December 9, 1964 Things have been happening at last.  Two weeks ago the State COFO coordinator and Jackson office manager, Jesse Morris, called a meeting to reorganize the office and to tackle the problems of the city.  At that meeting, the Jackson Project was formally re-launched and assigned the former book-warehouse as headquarters. Immediately thereafter, …

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