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Family Funnies — Videos from 1993 and later

Videos of and by Fred and Jack and Friends

These videos made by Fred and Jack and their friends, with negligible parental help and zero parental interference (or often knowledge!) are unedited, may contain gaps and extraneous material, and in two cases were muted by YouTube for copyright infringement because they contain Beatles tunes as a sound track.  These were all recorded at the California Street house in Berkeley in 1993, when Fred was eleven and Jack was six.  Some of them are hilarious; in particular don’t miss The Blue Blob, Goldfish Dinner, and Bogus Bud and Underwear Dog.



The audio in The Nap Movie and the Goldfish Dinner has been muted by YouTube for a copyright violation (playing Beatles songs in background).


The Great Film Eruption of  August 1993: