Great turnout for XL Pipeline Protest


The S.F. cops blocked the driveway to the parking lot where the rally started, claiming it was full, when it clearly wasn’t.  I and many others had to park half a mile away or more and hike up the side of a cliff to get to the assembly point, and at first it seemed that the crowd was kind of thin.  But they kept coming and coming, and by the time we started walking it began to get clear that we had a great turnout.  The core of this demonstration was the nurses, most of them in red shirts, and a very organized and spirited bunch they were.  Other labor groups and environmental organizations, among them and the Sierra Club, also brought in people. We made a very long line and I believe at one point the march stretched clear across the bridge from one end to the other. For a Thursday at mid-day, that’s a very impressive turnout.

Unfortunately, in a hurry to get there, I left my house without a memory card in my real camera, so I had to do what I could with the cell phone camera.  The video and audio are substandard but you can get an idea of the spirit and the size of the rally.