Bicycles in an Art Museum?


Memo to the Oakland Museum:

The Portland OR Art Museum has a popular special exhibit featuring modern bicycle designs.  More than forty bikes are on display, ranging from the ultra-compact Sachs Tango, which folds up almost into a briefcase, to the Smith Long John, one of the first cargo-carrying bikes.  There’s also the Taga, a bike with a forward child seat that converts into a stroller; the Capo Elite, which features studs on the rear wheel and a skate blade in front, for cycling on ice; the Buddy Bike, with two seats side by side, and a number of bikes designed for all-out speed, with world records to their credit.  The collection isn’t totally comprehensive — bike designers are a wildly creative lot — but there’s enough novelty, diversity, and ingenuity here to engage anyone who’s ever formed a fondness for these human-powered vehicles.


The show is drawn from the collection of Vienna bike maniac Michael Embacher.  The Portland Art Museum cites a quote from Bicycling magazine naming Portland as the “vanguard of


American bicycling.”

OK, maybe Portland has more cycles per capita than any other American city, but there’s plenty of bicycle enthusiasm in the S.F. Bay Area.

How about it, Oakland Museum, can you bring this show here sometime?


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