Three cheers for the mayor

Contra Costa Times photo by Doria RobinsonThree cheers for Gayle McLaughlin, the mayor of neighboring Richmond, CA, the site of a leaky, creaky Chevron petroleum refinery.  Last year she brought suit against Chevron on account of its failure to maintain the plant, which led to a huge fire that sent thousands to hospitals.  This month she traveled to Ecuador to view evidence of the massive environmental degradation that Chevron’s predecessor, Texaco, caused in the rainforest.  McLaughlin went into the jungle and got her hands dirty, literally, with Chevron’s leftover petroleum sludge.

“What I saw brought home to me the importance of the solidarity,” McLaughlin told the Contra Costa Times. “We’re all interconnected, and this is an international struggle against corporate domination.”

We need more mayors with insight like this.  Three cheers for McLaughlin.  The story in the Contra Costa Times is here.

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