Invasion of the Job Snatchers

bpod invasion postcard

On the theme of the invasion of the body snatchers, artist Sandy Sanders of the Berkeley Post Office Defenders has created this postcard (below) showing corporate invaders snatching the Post Office and the jobs that go with it.

The downtown Staples store, along with dozens of other Staples elsewhere, now hosts an ersatz Post Office counter where store clerks drawing the minimum wage are scabbing on union Post Office employees earning decent pay with benefits.

On the back side of the postcard is a message to the Staples manager pledging not to shop at any Staples that has a Post Office counter in it.  Click on the image below to download a PDF file of the postcard, front and back.

bpod invasion postcard

Question:  what is the executive branch of the government doing to stop this raid on public property and this rape of union labor?  Answer:  Nothing.  Too busy supporting other governments who are doing the same thing.

Thanks to Dave Welsh for forwarding this item.

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  1. The girl being held by the man speaking looks thrilled at the danger and excitement of it all. She must be new to radical politics.

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