My Updated Audiobook Now On Sale

P1170988-400wIt took a lot of stumbles on my part and a heap of patience on the part of the professionals at ACX, the Audiobook Exchange, but the second audiobook edition of my book Empowering Your Sober Self is now up and available.

This edition updates my perspective on the LifeRing pathway to addiction recovery.  The original edition came out in 2009.  Since then there have been several important published critiques of the traditional addiction rehab industry.  There has also been breakthrough research in addiction genetics, driving a silver stake into the heart of the myth that there is an “alcoholism gene.”

The print edition of the book is available from LifeRing Press.  LifeRing Press ships the print book much faster than amazon can.

If you want it immediately, download the Kindle edition from here.

You can get the audiobook from,, and iTunes.  It will give you seven hours and 23 minutes of listening, recorded by myself.

If you need a review copy of the audiobook, or have a special need for a free copy of the audiobook, I can assist in a limited number of cases.  Send me an email via the contact form below.

Happy listening!


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