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A Song for Gaza

A Song for Gaza: The Ballad of Rivka and Mohammed Performed by Leo Rosselson.  Featured on the website of the Stop the War Coalition (UK), originally on  Lyrics: I was watching the news from Gaza And I fell asleep on my chair And when I awoke from my slumber A young girl was standing there. She said, …

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My Father, the Mensch

Postwar Germany, according to the writer Manfred Jurgensen, who grew up there, was “a period which often posed much more danger than the war itself. Severe deprivation, starvation and death were everywhere. This generation grew up without any real parental guidance and direction, and living through the years where all norms of society were virtually …

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About the Authentic Church

Being German and therefore having to begin with beginnings, I started writing my life story by writing the life story of my father.  My father’s life story, though brief — he died at age 27 — was very wrapped up with the German Bekennende Kirche, the Authentic Church, so that in order to understand him, …

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