My Recovery Audiobook is Out

My narration of Empowering Your Sober Self, the LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery, is published at last.  You can get it:

The audio runs 6:45 (six hours and 45 minutes).  I have no control over the price, which is higher than the print edition.  Jossey-Bass (a Wiley imprint) published the print edition in 2009, and last year I negotiated a reversion of the audiobook rights so that I could record it and post it online.  I actually finished recording it on Feb. 5 this year but it took the good folks at almost six weeks to run it through their “quality assurance” mill.

The audiobook edition includes the full text, including the Preface by William L. White and the testimonials scattered throughout the book, omitting  only the 304 footnotes and the 207 references.  I’ve dedicated the audiobook edition to the memory of Ingrid Wilhite (1959-2008).

For the recording I used a Blue Yeti USB microphone with a pop filter into a PC with Audacity software.  It’s the first audiobook recording I’ve done, and I’ll be grateful for reader comments.

A Kindle edition is available through  The print edition is available through or via your favorite bookseller.


Me recording the book
Using Blue Yeti mic


The print edition
Available from LifeRing Press
or your favorite bookseller