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Poison Pill

This animation from a German team encapsulates many people’s experience with alcohol and other addictive drugs.  Kudos to the makers for conveying an important story without using a single word. Thanks to Byron Kerr for passing this along.

Alcohol in the Body

The other day I saw (in a movie) a waiter set fire to a dessert pan doused in cognac.  It flared dramatically, as if it were gasoline or lighter fluid.  Hm, I thought, why would anyone put that kind of chemical into their body? Now here’s Healthline.com with a new interactive graphic detailing 23 spots …

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My Recovery Audiobook is Out

My narration of Empowering Your Sober Self, the LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery, is published at last.  You can get it: At audible.com At amazon.com At iTunes (search audiobooks for “Nicolaus LifeRing”) The audio runs 6:45 (six hours and 45 minutes).  I have no control over the price, which is higher than the print edition. …

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