Lawyer’s Best Friend: A Fast Little Printer

depoAs a lawyer I sometimes take depositions.  The witness sits across the table from me, I ask them questions, the court reporter takes it all down.  Typically, in a deposition you confront the witness with documents — emails or letters they’ve written, reports, charts, whatever matters in the lawsuit.  Some cases involve thousands of pages, and there’s inevitably a moment in the deposition when you need to show the witness a document that you didn’t bring with you.  Oops!  You can’t bring all those boxes, and even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to locate quickly the exact paper you need.

BUT you can have all those documents on your laptop in PDF format — you should, anyway! — and if you had a way to print them … .  I read reviews of a dozen portable printers and I picked one that I like so much I’m doing this shameless promo for it, in the hope you’ll click on the ad and buy one, for which I will get a few cents from Amazon.  It’s the Brother HL2270DW.  It fits into a suitcase, it’s reasonably light, and it’s incredibly fast.  Rated at 27 ppm, it spits out the first page in just a few seconds.  I can pick and print the document I want, in multiple copies, so fast that the other side may not even realize what’s happening.  The paper tray holds 250 sheets, it prints duplex if you want it, and it connects via USB, net, or wifi.  And it’s a laser, so you don’t have to worry about the inkjet heads drying up.  The court reporter told me she had never seen an attorney bring a printer to a deposition.  I predict that when the word gets out about this little rocket, everybody will bring one.

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