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A Writer’s Tool Worth Paying For

While I’m in the mood to do product reviews, I have to give a shoutout to Scrivener.  Created and maintained by the Literature & Latte group in the UK (literatureandlatte.com), Scrivener is the writing tool I have been looking for for years.  They say that Shakespeare wrote his plays in one flow without corrections and …

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Lawyer’s Best Friend: A Fast Little Printer

As a lawyer I sometimes take depositions.  The witness sits across the table from me, I ask them questions, the court reporter takes it all down.  Typically, in a deposition you confront the witness with documents — emails or letters they’ve written, reports, charts, whatever matters in the lawsuit.  Some cases involve thousands of pages, …

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Ex-tended Family Tree Inheritance

Like many people these days, mine is an ex-tended family, with the hyphen, meaning that it includes exes.  I know ex-tended families where the exes get along so well that at reunions there’s several sets of exes with their new spouses plus their exes, and all their kids, etc. all making up a considerable mob …

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