Hike to Tomales Point (Pt. Reyes)

I took Tule elk cooling off at Pt Reyes National Seashorea break yesterday and hiked from Pierce Point Ranch to Tomales Point, the northernmost extremity of the Point Reyes National Seashore.  The area is noted as habitat of the tule elk, and did not disappoint.  I encountered a small group of does on the path early on, then another small group of stags a hundred yards off, and then a herd of dozens of bachelor stags sharing the shallows of a nearby pond with egrets and ducks.  The main herd of the king stag with the breeding does was visible in the far distance on the slopes of White Gulch.  The hike is 4.7 miles each way, mostly up and down, with the last bit on soft sand.  Sheer cliffs and rocky outcroppings mark the point.  Oddly enough there is a good cell phone signal on much of the trail, likely coming from the town of Bodega Bay a mile or so across the bay to the east. It was fogged over when I started but soon the sun burned the mists away and it turned into a Goldilocks day, not too hot, not too cold, but just right.  My photos from the hike are up on the web at this link.  Enjoy!

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