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My new book: From Trash to Treasure

My new book, From Trash to Treasure: The Splendors of Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park, is now off the press and available for sale on amazon.com. I really owe this book to a dog named Mosey.  Sheila Jordan, my wife, rescued Mosey from the pound about 15 years ago.  He lived for the chase of tennis balls.  Our relationship …

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Photographer’s Life Ain’t Easy

Thanks to Gene Dominique of the Berkeley Camera club for this link to a set of photos showing photographers going to extremes — sometimes ridiculous extremes, sometimes life-threatening ones — to capture that great image.  

Bridge Builders: Photography by Joseph A. Blum

I love it when an old friend makes good. Back decades ago when Joe and I and other troublemakers were running from one demonstration to another, we’d never have dreamed that one day Joe would have a gala reception for his work in San Francisco’s City Hall. But it happened July 11. Joe was there …

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Fog River – Beautiful Video by Simon Christen

Living in the San Francicsco Bay Area means getting familiar with fog.  Fog can be annoying and dangerous, but it can also be beautiful. Fog has graced many outstanding photographs.  Local photographer Simon Christen has upped the ante on fog photography.  Using time lapse techniques and positioning himself before dawn at strategic vantage points in …

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