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How Capitalists Overthrow Governments

Growing up in the fifties and sixties we generally heard the phrase “overthrow the government” linked with communists.  That’s so ancient history!  In more recent times we’ve seen a white guy be the best rapper and a black guy the best golfer, and now the capitalists are the best at overthrowing governments.  The capitalists overthrew …

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Fracking for Yats

This week’s Scientific American asks “Can U.S. Fracked Gas Save Ukraine?” The article points out that Ukraine depends on Russia for about two thirds of its natural gas, which gives Putin and his oligarchs a big hammer. So, naturally, the oligarchs in Washington are angling to replace Russian gas with American gas, if they can. …

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About My Father (2)

(Continued from About My Father (1)) Those “trials by fire” were not far off.  After a year of study in Basel, in 1938 Albrecht returned to Germany.  He spent approximately a month in Berlin, finishing his theological studies.  In early summer of 1938 Albrecht spent  almost a month traveling in the UK, visiting London and …

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