My Other Writings From Those Days

Besides the Grundrisse translation, the Restoration of Capitalism in the USSR book, and my Fat Cat Sociology speech — more or less my highest-profile pieces — I wrote a number of other things in “those days” (1963-1976).  There’s also one item from 1981. Here are the items of which I have copies.

Bertolt Brecht’s Leben des Galilei, Honors Thesis, Wesleyan University, June 1963.

Mississippi Letters, with Victoria Ortiz, Nov 1964 – Feb 1965

Saigon: The Wheel Comes Full Circle, Viet-Report July 1965

War on People (Book Review), Viet-Report Aug-Sept 1965

The Professor, the Policeman, and the Peasant (Part I), Viet-Report Feb. 1966

Vietnam Between Two Truces (Book Review) Mosaic, a Jewish Student Journal, Vol. VII No. 1, Spring 1966

The Professor, the Policeman, and the Peasant (Postscript), Viet-Report June-July 1966

Continental Vietnam (Book Review), Viet-Report June-July 1966

Hegelian Choreography and the Capitalist Dialectic, studies on the left, Vol. 7 No. 1, 1967.

The Contradiction of Advanced Capitalist Society and its Resolution, Radical Education Project, Ann Arbor MI, 1967

Strategy for Labor, by Andre Gorz (Translation from the French, with Victoria Ortiz), Beacon Press 1967

The Unknown Marx, new left review No. 48 March-April 1968

S.F. State:  History Takes a Leapnew left review No. 54 March-April 1969

The Professional Organization of Sociology: A View From Below, Antioch Review Fall 1969

USA – The Universal Contradiction (Anti-Mandel), new left review No. 59, Jan-Feb 1970

The Theory of the Labor Aristocracy, Monthly Review April 1970

Comment on Paul Walton’s Paper, in Situating Marx by Paul Walton and Stuart Hall, Human Context Books, London 1973

Omitted is a ream of journalism from The National Guardian, The Call, The Movement, Leviathan, and other periodicals of that era.

Tenants Report on Rent Arbitration, Oakland Tenants’ Union March 1981

Why Did Ancient Roman Law Lack a Civil Action for Negligent Injury to Free Men?  (Boalt Hall School of Law honors paper, April 1985)

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